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Seo Copywriting


In order for the users to find your website it is crucial to understand their needs: your website must provide them with the best answers to their questions.

Effective content writing ties in your search engine optimization and marketing startegy all in one in order to drive the right customers to your website.
We create professional, quality and tailor made texts, made for both easy to read and optimized for search engines.
Our text contents respond to SEO parameters, to climb the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and get to the front page!

We create quality texts for websites, eCommerce, blogs and social networks. Depending on our Clients’ needs, we offer a SEO review on pre-existing texts.

After a careful analysis of the competitors and the most popular keywords, texts are tailored to attract the attention of the users, in accordance with the web writing rules and parameters and in ordered to find the answers they are looking for more easily.